• Does the information reflect Best Practices & Current Standards?

    Our priority is to ensure that Aged Care receives instant access to the latest research and best practices in Infection Prevention & Control. 

  • How often is the Knowledge Base Updated

    Our full time content writers are continually updating this resource to ensure that you always have the most up to date IPC information for the Aged Care Sector.

  • Is this Mobile Friendly?

    Yes, but please be the judge of that. Please send us your screenshots so we can continually improve your mobile experience. Click here

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    With all paid subscriptions we provide custom links that ensure your entire team has access to the Knowledge Base 24/7

  • How do I request an article to be written?

    Help us grow this Knowledge Base! Your insights matter and help the entire community. Please open a support ticket here and tell us what you need. 

  • How do I find a specific article?

    We offer two ways to find specific articles, first the search bar on the home page, and second within Categories once you have clicked on the Knowledge Base tab. 

    If you are still unable to locate an article you need, please open a support ticket here.

  • Do you have Education Modules for Infection Prevention & Control?

    Yes, our Orientation, Refresher and Continuing Education modules are available through some of our unique Unlimited Access plans, click here to find out more..