Communicating IPC Information Effectively

As an IP Lead it is essential to have effective communication skills in order to implement a robust IPC programme. Anxiety about infection within a facility is often based on lack of information resulting in misconceptions about the risks and the precautions that can be used to prevent transmission.


Education is key 

Knowledge is power so it’s vital to educate everyone about the importance of IPC measures, including hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Ensure that employees are aware of the current IPC guidelines and protocols and have access to information to inform their practice. You can do this through 

Delivering interactive and engaging training sessions to encourage active participation 

Use different resources - posters, digital content, videos, workshops, seminars, guest speakers and self-paced courses 

Make information readily available to residents, employees and visitors and answer any questions that may arise 

Ensure that information is regularly updated 


Model open communication 

Clearly communicate expectations to employees about infection control measures, such as the frequency of hand washing and the use of PPE.  

Have a clear procedure for reporting concerns about infection control practices. Encourage and enable employees to report any concerns without fear of retribution. 

Make sure your facility has a set of documents prepared to prevent and manage an outbreak. This might include posters, a letter to families, instructions for employees and relevant forms. 

Foster teamwork

It’s crucial to communicate clearly and effectively with your team and stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. Having mutual goals encourages collaboration and communication about infection control measures. Encourage employees to work together to identify potential infection risks and develop strategies to prevent the spread of infections. This can be done through 

Including multi-disciplinary support staff in team meetings during outbreaks 

Ensuring all employees understand the actions they need to take 

Encourage suggestions for continuous improvement of practice 


Include residents and their families

Communicate with residents and their families about infection control measures, including the importance of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Supply information about any outbreaks or incidents that may affect residents' health and safety. 

Talk to residents about how they can help themselves and support employees in preventing infection    

Display notices which describe the precautions needed if a resident is in isolation 


As an IP lead you can promote open communication, educate all employees, foster teamwork, and communicate with residents and their families to prevent infections from spreading.