Kitchen Outbreak Cleaning

Management will notify kitchen employees of an outbreak. Kitchen employees are to ensure all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected with appropriate solutions as per the safety data sheet.

Increase The Frequency Of Cleaning

Frequently touched surfaces (twice daily and after each use) 

Minimally touched surfaces (once daily)

Clean the visibly dusty or dirty surfaces and fittings as soon as possible 

Clean spills immediately

Shared workspaces should be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each employee's use

 Kitchen Colour-Coded Cleaning

Colour-coding cleaning equipment is considered to be the most effective method of restricting equipment to individual areas of the residential aged care facility. Colour coding cleaning equipment for the kitchen is green.

Green cloths are only to be used in the kitchen area

Clean and Disinfect 

Clean and disinfect all utensils, crockery, cutlery, and suitable equipment in the following ways 

Wash with hot water and detergent, then soak items in hot water at a minimum of 77°C for at least 30 seconds


Place items in a commercial dishwasher where the water temperature in the rinse cycle is greater than 80°C


Wash with hot water and detergent, and soak items in 100ppm of available chlorine for at least 3 minutes at a minimum water temperature of 50°C

For items or equipment that cannot be completely soaked in water, wash them with hot water and detergent. After, apply 200ppm of available chlorine on all surfaces for 10 minutes. Then, rinse and dry.

Maintenance to check dishwashers are running efficiently and provide records if required.