Maintenance Employees

Maintenance employees are required to undertake education on infection prevention and control principles in order to protect themselves and others from infectious diseases.

Standard Precautions

When maintenance employees enter resident care areas to carry out maintenance and repairs, they must perform hand hygiene following the '5 Moments for Hand Hygiene' principles.

Gloves must be worn when there is a likelihood of contact with potentially infectious material.

Equipment must be cleaned before shipping if it has to be sent away for repair.  With some equipment, cleaning may not be possible without dismantling the machinery.   If it is not possible to thoroughly clean equipment, the repair company must be informed if there is any infectious risk so that they can initiate their own IPC strategies.  

Additional Precautions

Maintenance employees must report to the resident care area's registered nurse for additional instructions regarding precautions required when carrying out their work.

The IPC Lead or facility manager will advise maintenance employees on any infection risk, e.g., if they are working on contaminated equipment or in a contaminated area of the facility.  Advice on the relevant IPC strategies will be given, including using PPE where needed.


Facility Maintenance

Maintenance Programme

A comprehensive infection prevention and control maintenance programme should be in place in every facility

The maintenance programme must identify the recommended maintenance routines for all areas, equipment and systems to ensure they operate safely and optimally

All water temperatures and testing should be maintained in accordance with local regulatory authorities

Inspection and servicing schedules should be in place for all plumbing, mixing valves, heating, refrigeration, electrical and air-conditioning units, as well as regular checks on pan sanitisers and dishwashing machines

Pest Control Programme

The entire facility, including storage areas, must be kept free of vermin, and a documented pest control programme must be in place.