Management of Cleaning Services

Duty statements and cleaning schedules

Duty statements should state all standard operating procedures, including cleaning methods, equipment, and cleaning chemicals. 

Cleaning schedules are to be available, clearly identifying tasks and cleaning frequency. The cleaning schedules are to include day-to-day and maintenance cleaning.  Duty statements and cleaning schedules should be accessible to cleaning employees.

Develop cleaning schedule checklists, signed off by cleaning employees after completing a task. 

Refer to Reprocessing of Medical Instruments and Equipment

Monitoring and audits

Regular audits and monitoring for compliance are to be undertaken by non-cleaning employees to ensure the audit is not biased.

Cleaning schedule checklists must be regularly checked to ensure they are completed. Cleaning tasks are considered incomplete if gaps in the cleaning schedule checklist exist.

Reasons for cleaning standards not being met include

Not following cleaning methods correctly

Not following schedules as directed

Incorrect schedule frequency - for example, increased frequency of the task may be required

Allocated time and resources may not be sufficient to meet the requirements

See the NHMRC table of recommended cleaning frequencies.