Outbreak Hospital Transfers

There may be times when the medical management of a resident requires transfer from the residential care facility to an acute care facility during an outbreak. When the transfer of a resident occurs it is essential to advise the receiving acute care facility, and the patient transport or ambulance service, that the residential aged care facility is experiencing an outbreak and that an infectious disease is involved. Advising transport services ensures precautions are used to minimise any risk of transmission during the transfer, and the receiving facility provides the treatment required. All necessary information and documentation regarding the resident will be ready and provided at the transfer.


Information needed in a transfer

Completed transfer form 

Letter from Doctor

or a document detailing the reason for the transfer 


Copies of other required documentation

Advance care directives and end-of-life wishes 

Most recent comprehensive medical assessment

Results of recent pathology 

Current drug chart and time of last administered medications 

Current observation, blood sugar level & bowel charts (if applicable)



Returning to the residential aged care facility

Once the acute care treatment has been completed, the acute facility will advise the aged care facility about returning the resident prior to transfer. 

A handover that identifies the resident's current health status and any ongoing medical and clinical management required will be provided to the aged care facility. The information provided will assist in determining if there is a need for any ongoing transmission-based precautions. This handover also offers the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns about the resident or the infectious disease. 

An infection control risk assessment should be completed and considered, identifying care needs to be documented within the care plan and communicated to healthcare workers.

Regarding new residents, the aged care facility may determine that it is inappropriate to accept new residents until the outbreak has resolved.