Outbreak Waste Management

Waste Management in an outbreak needs to be planned and safely managed, including storage and removal of increased waste and identifying different waste requirements. Before implementing the recommended guidelines, read your residential care facility's specific infection prevention control policy guidelines and occupational health and safety requirements. 

Waste Classification 

General waste: Waste that has not had the possibility of being contaminated by infectious microbes is to be discarded in the general waste bin 

Clinical waste: Waste that has had the possibility of being contaminated with infectious microbes is to be discarded in yellow biohazard bags and or sharps containers as soon as possible

Storage and Disposal Of Waste In An Outbreak

Identify hiring or purchasing additional waste containers 

Communicate with waste removal service to ensure they can remove the increased waste

Ensure waste is stored securely and safely on site

Hazardous and general waste bags are to be tied before removal from clinical areas

Waste should be removed from clinical areas at least three times each day and more frequently as needed 

Separate general waste from clinical waste disposal

Yellow clinical waste bags only go in yellow clinical waste bins

All waste in an outbreak at a residential aged care facility is considered infectious, as an infecting agent may not be visible.