Safety Data Sheets for Cleaning

What is it?

Exposure to chemicals may produce health effects that happen straight away, like poisoning and burns, or cause long-term health conditions, like nerve damage, lung damage, or cancer. Some chemicals can present a physical hazard, such as fires, explosions, and corrosion.
Almost every hazardous chemical will require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).  SDS has important safety information that can help keep employees safe. Aged care facilities have a register of hazardous chemicals used, handled, or stored, including the current SDS for each of these chemicals. By reading, understanding, and following the information and instructions in an SDS, all chemicals should be able to be used safely.

Guidelines for cleaning employees


Cleaners need to know where to find the SDS in case of a chemical-related incident or an emergency

SDS must be readily accessible via an electronic system, QR code system, or paper copy

SDS must

Be monitored and updated regularly to ensure that they are up-to-date and at least not more than five years old

Be simple and easy to be read

Give clear first-aid instructions and how to manage spills and exposure events

Be readily available in a location accessible to employees (cleaners' rooms and chemical storage locations)