Surveillance in AMS

What is it?

Surveillance in AMS means observing and monitoring the effectiveness of the AMS programme. 

Using monitoring tools helps improve the quality of AMS by measuring, monitoring, and comparing the AMS programme's effectiveness.

Monitoring tools allow evaluation of progress in meeting antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention goals. Data provided by monitoring tools will also help identify areas needing improvement within the residential aged care facility. Monitoring the findings of the tools will also help develop strategies and provide evidence for communication with healthcare workers.

A monitoring tool identifies

Areas of effectiveness and need for improvement in the AMS programme

Provides evidence for meeting requirements of legislative standards



Monitoring tools used in AMS include


Audits - Ensures compliance with AMS requirements 

Data collection - Ensures the effectiveness of AMS interventions over time and identifies the areas needed for improvement

Comparisons -  Identifies effectiveness, differences, and similarities in other AMS programmes

Reports - Provides essential information for collaboration with people involved in the AMS programme