Treatment of COVID-19

If you have identified COVID-19 symptoms, 

• Assess pain 

• Administer alternative relieving interventions 

• Administer medications to relieve symptoms if required and prescribed 

• If coughing, educate on holding the sternum when coughing 

• Monitor vitals, especially temperature and breathing rate

• Check for laboured breathing, cyanosis, and cold and clammy skin

• Monitor oxygen saturation as it should be 94% or higher; values lower may need supplemental oxygen

• Manage fever by adjusting the room temperature, removing excess clothing and covers, using cooling mattresses, and applying cold packs, if tolerated, to major blood vessels

• Ensure strict hand hygiene and cough etiquette

• Prevent transmission by implementing standard and transmission-based precautions

• Isolate

• Refer to COVID-19 Outbreak Management


Antiviral and monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 must be prescribed by the doctor. Commencement of treatment is recommended within 24 hours, or up to five days of the onset of symptoms, for medication to be effective. The doctor will prescribe treatment following consultation, in line with the current Australian and New Zealand recommendations. Antiviral medicines prevent the virus from multiplying in the body, preventing severe illness and death. Monoclonal antibodies can assist the immune system in recognising and responding to viruses.

Vaccination for COVID-19 is recommended.