Understanding the IP Lead Role

The IP Lead is the key contact for infection prevention and control (IPC) in the facility.

Infection prevention is essential to providing safe, high-quality care in aged care facilities. Aged care residents are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases, and outbreaks can significantly affect the health and well-being of residents, employees, and visitors. This makes the role of the IP Lead critical in ensuring that measures are in place to prevent the spread of infections.


IP Lead responsibilities


Implement and maintain an IPC programme that meets the current guidelines and recommendations

Establish a system for surveillance of HAIs, including outbreaks and clusters 

Educate all employees on infection prevention and control principles, including hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE) use, and appropriate cleaning and disinfection practices

Provide tailored training and supervision to employees responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the facility, equipment and devices according to material safety data sheets, manufacturers' instructions and facility policies

Implement screening and isolation procedures for residents with suspected or confirmed infectious diseases 

Develop and implement policies and procedures for the appropriate use and disposal of PPE

Develop and implement a system for reporting and investigating incidents related to IPC

Regularly review and update the IPC programme and policies in response to changes in the facility or emerging infectious diseases

Communicate the IPC measures to residents, employees, and visitors

Audit compliance with IPC programme, policies and procedures


These measures will assist in the prevention and control of infectious diseases.