Utility Room

A utility room, or sluice room, is a designated working space within the facility, accessible for healthcare workers only. The utility room is a closed room that is appropriately equipped and used for 

Sluicing, decontamination and storage of bedpans, urinals and bowls

Testing and disposal of resident specimens

Disposal of clinical waste, non-reusable soiled items and other hazardous or body waste 

Cleaning and holding of used equipment awaiting collection

Storage of soiled linen awaiting collection

Utility rooms should have a separate basin available for hand washing, and PPE should be available for employees to use.


Utility rooms must have a clear, one-way workflow from dirty to clean to avoid cross-contamination

All workspaces should be uncluttered 

Towels, sheets and blueys (disposable waterproof sheeting) or disposable sheeting should not be used to cover benches


The utility room should be kept clean, dry and free of spills

A schedule for routine cleaning of all shelves and cupboards should be established and recorded

Utility Room Storage

Utility equipment should be clean when stored

Do not use the utility room to store surplus supplies, equipment, or sterile stock

Items that can and cannot be stored in the utility room are listed below.

Items That Can Be Stored When Clean

Items That Cannot Be Stored

Bedpans / Urinals
- Stored upside down on racks

Medical equipment such as pumps and stands

Bedpan covers


- Stored upside down on racks

Walking aids

Urinalysis equipment

Manual handling equipment such as lifters and slings

Specimen jars

Blueys and waterproof plastic sheeting

Linen skips and waste bins

Incontinence pads


Residents' hygiene products

Rubbish bags

Unused sharps containers

PPE that is required for tasks performed within the utility room

Urinary catheterisation equipment, drainage bags and holders


Emesis bags