Workplace Health and Safety

What is it?

Infection protection for healthcare workers is an integral part of the occupational health and safety (OH&S) programme of every aged care facility.

OH&S implements an employee health screening policy, promoting immunisation, instituting extra protection for healthcare workers in specific circumstances e.g., pregnant healthcare workers, and having processes for minimising and managing risk exposure.

Implementation of this programme covers all employees within the facility, including volunteers who may also encounter at-risk situations during their volunteer work. 

Local Workplace Health and Safety Acts place a duty of care on employers to ensure workplace health and safety, including where occupational infectious disease hazards exist.


Positive measures to implement and sustain infection prevention and control

Health status screening education on safe work practices that minimise the transmission of infection

Safe systems of work, with workplaces designed to allow a clinical practice that minimises the transmission of infection

Physical protection involving the use of PPE and immunisation

Reporting systems for compliance and identifying breaches of infection prevention and control protocols


Employee responsibilities

Ensure safe work practices by routinely using equipment provided for health and safety purposes e.g., PPE, following instructions given regarding health and safety, and by maintaining a clean and safe working environment

Be familiar with and observe all policies and procedures that guide work performance to prevent the spread of infection

Notify employers when circumstances associated with their infection status may pose a risk to residents or co-workers